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    Comparative phylogeography of Acanthocalyx (Caprifoliaceae) reveals distinct genetic structures in the Himalaya–Hengduan Mountains Mu QY Jul 2021
    Extensive Miocene speciation in and out of Indochina: The biogeographic history of Typhonium sensu stricto (Araceae) and its implication for the assembly of Indochina flora Low SL May 2021
    Evolving the structure: climatic and developmental constraints onthe evolution of plant architecture. A case study in Euphorbia Anest A Feb 2021
    The Arabidopsis circadian clock protein PRR5 interacts with and stimulates ABI5 to modulate abscisic acid signaling during seed germination Yang ML Jun 2021
    Relative importance of deterministic and stochastic processes for beta diversity of bird assemblages in Yunnan, China He XL Jun 2021
    First Report of Collar Rot in Purple Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis) Caused by Neocosmospora solani in Yunnan province, China Hao CH; Chai X May 2021
    Lethality of honey bee stings to heavily armored hornets Gu GY; Meng YC May 2021
    Perennial cover crop biomass contributes to regulating soil P availability more than rhizosphere P-mobilizing capacity in rubber-based agroforestry systems Liu CG May 2021
    Iron deficiency-induced transcription factors bHLH38/100/101 negatively modulate flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana Chen WQ May 2021
    Challenges of the establishment of rubber-based agroforestry systems: Decreases in the diversity and abundance of ground arthropods Liu CA May 2021
    Spatio-temporal variation in potential habitats for rare and endangered plants and habitat conservation based on the maximum entropy model Yang ZB Apr 2021
    Microbial processes responsible for soil N2O production in a tropical rainforest, illustrated using an in situ 15N labeling approach Zhou WJ; Xi D Jul 2021
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